Navigation practices

Navigation practices


Heading towards your Nautical Titles

Explore the fascinating world of navigation with our internships designed for companies and individuals in Ceuta.

Obtain the nautical titles of Recreational Boat Skipper (P.E.R.) and Basic Navigation Skipper (P.N.B).

We offer a comprehensive educational experience

Whether for companies or individuals, we offer a comprehensive educational experience, guiding you to the knowledge and skill necessary to confidently navigate open waters.


Why choose us?

Proven experience in Ceuta waters

Our solid track record and in-depth knowledge of Ceuta’s marine environment guarantee an exceptional and safe educational experience.

Highly qualified instructors

Our team of instructors is made up of highly qualified professionals passionate about nautical teaching.

Quality boats and equipment

Our facilities are designed to offer an optimal learning environment, where you can familiarize yourself with the tools and technologies used in modern navigation.


Navigation practices

discover the benefits of obtaining nautical titles

Discover the benefits

Obtaining nautical titles P.E.R. and G.N.P. It goes beyond complying with legal requirements; It represents access to a series of benefits that will enrich your experience at sea.

Discover how these degrees can enhance your passion for sailing and provide you with valuable skills.

Through our navigation practices, you will gain in-depth nautical knowledge ranging from interpreting nautical charts to understanding navigation rules. This knowledge will give you confidence and security on your voyages, allowing you to navigate with skill and make informed decisions at sea.

Start your nautical trip with Nautica Valero

Ready to set sail on the adventure of obtaining your nautical titles? Contact us today and begin your educational and exciting journey in the waters of Ceuta. Your nautical journey begins here!

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Navigation practices

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