Vertical fishing in Ceuta

Immerse yourself in the fascinating technique of vertical fishing, also known as Jigging. Explore the rocky bottoms of Ceuta in an unprecedented sport fishing experience.

Discover why Jigging has become a global phenomenon and how Náutica Valero guides you to the most exciting catches.

Immerse yourself in a world of emotions

Discover the art of Jigging, a form of vertical fishing that has conquered fishermen around the world. From the use of lead lures to the prey simulation technique, immerse yourself in a world of emotions while you explore the rocky bottoms of Ceuta, home of large marine predators.


Why choose us?

Jigging fishing experts

From the selection of lures to the execution of the rhythmic pulls, we will guide you expertly so that you can live a unique Jigging experience in the rocky bottoms of Ceuta.

Strategic location

Our detailed knowledge of these waters allows us to take you to the exact spots where the action is most intense, ensuring an unparalleled fishing experience.

Equipo de élite

We put at your disposal high-quality equipment with medium-high action that adapts to the demands of this technique. From specialized rods to specific lures.


Jigging Experience


Exploring the Jigging Technique

Jigging, also known as vertical fishing, is a fascinating technique that has revolutionized sport fishing in recent years.

Practicing Jigging in Ceuta requires skill and adaptability. The waters of Ceuta, with their rocky bottoms and a diversity of species, challenge fishermen to perfect their skills.

At Naútica Valero, we offer you the opportunity to develop these skills and experience the unique thrill of vertical fishing in an exceptional marine environment.

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Explore the depths of Ceuta and experience the excitement of Jigging with Náutica Valero, where each fishing session is a unique and exciting adventure.

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Explore the depths of the sea with the jigging technique, a vertical fishing that challenges large predators in the rocky bottoms of Ceuta.

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