Anchored fishing

Anchored fishing

ANCHORED Fishing in Ceuta

Discover the calm of the sea

Welcome to the anchored fishing experience in Ceuta, where the calm of the sea becomes the perfect setting for a relaxed and exciting day.

Discover why the waters of Ceuta are ideal for this modality and how Náutica Valero becomes your guide to explore this peaceful marine world.

Discover the tranquility of the Ceutí Sea

Imagine sailing in calm waters, far from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, with only the soft whisper of the sea and the breeze caressing your face.

Anchor fishing offers you the opportunity to immerse yourself in this tranquility, where each moment becomes a welcome pause, away from the hustle and stress.

ANCHORED Fishing in Ceuta

Why choose us?

Relaxed experience

Far from the constant movement of the open sea, you can immerse yourself in a serene marine environment that allows for a deeper connection with nature.

Variety of species

Explore the richness and diversity of species that inhabit the anchored areas of Ceuta. Nautica Valero will guide you to the best places.

Baits and baits

Learn the secrets of the most effective baits and the ideal techniques for fishing at anchor in Ceuta. With Nautica Valero, each haul becomes a well-thought-out strategy.


Captures and landscapes


Explore marine biodiversity

Immerse yourself in the marine wealth of Ceuta with a detailed list of the most common species that inhabit anchored areas. Each anchorage point is a unique ecosystem, home to varied biodiversity.

From the voracious snapper to the elusive gilthead sea bream, and other fascinating species, discover the incredible diversity of Ceuta’s marine life. Nautica Valero gives you the opportunity to learn more about these creatures and appreciate the wonder of the marine biodiversity that thrives in the anchored waters of Ceuta.

Exploring these anchored areas will not only allow you to enjoy fishing, but will also immerse you in a fascinating marine world. Each outing becomes an opportunity to discover new species, observe their behavior and appreciate the amazing beauty of the ocean. With Nautica Valero, anchored fishing becomes an immersion in the marine biodiversity of Ceuta.

Your Adventure begins here – Book Now

Turn your desire for an exciting day of fishing into a reality. Book your adventure with Nautica Valero right now and get ready to live epic moments in the heart of the Ceuta Sea.

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Fishing with live bait

Discover the excitement of fishing with live bait in the waters of Ceuta, where each day becomes a unique adventure full of exciting catches.

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Avistamiento de cetáceos

Whale watching

Embark on an unforgettable whale watching experience in the Strait of Gibraltar, where the magic of the sea will reveal the beauty of dolphins, orcas and more.

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prácticas de navegación

Navigation practices

Acquire your nautical titles through our navigation practices, exploring the waters of Ceuta while obtaining essential navigation skills.

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Anchored fishing

Immerse yourself in the tranquility of the sea with our anchored fishing, a relaxed experience where you can capture species such as snappers, bream and bream.

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High and surface trolling

Experience the thrill of trolling in the Strait of Gibraltar, dragging lures to catch bonito, albacore and barracuda on the surface or at depth.

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Explore the depths of the sea with the jigging technique, a vertical fishing that challenges large predators in the rocky bottoms of Ceuta.

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