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Welcome to Nautica Valero, where every day at sea is an opportunity to live unforgettable experiences. Discover our exciting fishing modalities, from the intensity of live bait fishing to the serenity of whale watching. Our passion is to take you beyond the waters, exploring the vast and fascinating nautical world. Join us and make every day on the water an extraordinary adventure.

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Sail the waters of Ceuta

Fishing with live bait

Discover the excitement of fishing with live bait in the waters of Ceuta, where each day becomes a unique adventure full of exciting catches.

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Avistamiento de cetáceos

Whale watching

Embark on an unforgettable whale watching experience in the Strait of Gibraltar, where the magic of the sea will reveal the beauty of dolphins, orcas and more.

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prácticas de navegación

Navigation practices

Acquire your nautical titles through our navigation practices, exploring the waters of Ceuta while obtaining essential navigation skills.

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Anchored fishing

Immerse yourself in the tranquility of the sea with our anchored fishing, a relaxed experience where you can capture species such as snappers, bream and bream.

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High and surface trolling

Experience the thrill of trolling in the Strait of Gibraltar, dragging lures to catch bonito, albacore and barracuda on the surface or at depth.

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Explore the depths of the sea with the jigging technique, a vertical fishing that challenges large predators in the rocky bottoms of Ceuta.

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Satisfied customers

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Jonathan Sa Perez


Incredible experience with one of the best teachers I have encountered in my working life. A commendable job, Don Gerardo Valero, on behalf of your entire group that supports you. Thank you for your great involvement and work.

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Jack Stewart


Without a doubt the best nautical school, the effort they make for you to pass will not be found anywhere else, Vero is a one-of-a-kind teacher, she goes out of her way for the students and her friendliness makes you miss her a lot after the course.

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The truth is Gerardo and Vero form a

team of senior professionals, thank you very much for everything you have not taught

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